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         spider pest control perth

Spider pest control: There are usually many dozens of spiders in roof voids, that have not been treated for over a year, they come down through vents down wall cavitys and through vents, in the walls and their in, they also gain direct access down through light fittings, simple as that, or they run underneath doors, also have a look  at your washing line next time, see any webs, guess what when your washings on the line they will crawl on it and when you bring it in their in.spiders can be blown in on the breeze and attach themselves to your house crawling up the structure under tiles and into the roof void.spider pest control is best carried out on a nice clear day.

How we treat them

  • We blow permethrine dust throughout roof void killing all spiders
  • We spray all skirting areas with an  indoor residual insecticide,under all appliances,behind furniture,beds,fridges,lounges, etc
  • cornices are lightly sprayed where needed
  • All entry points are treated

External treatment

  • The external residual insecticide is a lot stronger and meant for harsh perth pest control conditions
  • All eaves,gutters,window/door frames are sprayed for spiders,as too are brickwork,perimetre,gardens,fences,pergolas,sheds,clothesline and bins.


  • spider pest control, How long does the treatment take,between 1-1.5hrs
  • Can I be home when it is happening,adults can children and indoor pets to be out for 3hrs till dry
  • Can I mop afterwards,no wait three days,vacuum is ok
  • Will it harm us,absolutely not,
  • All products used are completely safe when dry
  • Will it harm our plants,no
  • How long until it takes effect on spiders,right away,best results in two weeks
  • Can I deweb the house,no wait two weeks
  • How long will it last,twelve months or there abouts
  • Do you give a guarantee, yes for six months,longer then anyone else
  • Do you take credit,eftpos for payment,yes we do
  • I have a baby is it safe ,yes baby must be out for three hours

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