ant pest control perth


Talon pest control  will rid your home or business of any pest,you may have a persistent problem with say ants,we will investigate and find where the source is coming from getting to the heart of the problem,we have a more

spider pest control perth northern suburbs


There are usually many dozens of spiders in roof voids, that have not been treated for over a year, they come down through vents down wall cavitys and through vents, in the walls and their in, they also gain direct access down through light fittings, simple as that, or they run underneath more


flea pest control perth


Fleas are very annoying and bite humans as well as your cat or pooch,they can cause many a skin allergy in pets and humans,if you have a cat capstar should be administered,or a dog comfortis administered this more

tick control


These are particularly dangerous to pets, as they contain a toxin which can often cause paralysis and death to cats and dogs ,but not limited to cats and dogs,theyre often picked up via a bushwalk or from your very own garden,ticks are more

cockroach pest control perth


Cockroaches spread disease and live outside in our gardens,in our cupboards,under fridges,freezers,dishwashers,around electrical appliances,cracks and crevices and roof void,we have bait gels,dusts and more

rats pest control perth


Rats and Mice can spread disease,they usually live in clutter and burrows around the house in gardens and in the roof void,rats are particularly troublesome as their two front teeth continually grow leading them to gnaw on anything including more

millipede pest control perth


Millipedes can invade a property from the outside to the inside,they have no natural predators and crawl all over your house looking unsightly,the only way to combat these is by drenching all gardens,lawns and structures around the house more

fly pest control perth


These pests are very annoying and can spread many a disease,combating these we can use attractant baits and or a special spray formulation, to be sprayed on all garden foliage,leaf litter,lawns and the house itself,some attractant baits more