flea control

flea control                                                                                                                                              FLEA CONTROL,fleas are very annoying to humans and pets they can cause many a skin allergy in pets and humans,if you have a cat ,or a dog get veterinarian advice, this alone will not get rid of your problem, as flea eggs by the thousands are already in your pets bed linen,lawns and probably in the cracks of your floorboards and in your carpet areas,the only way to get rid of fleas is by using a professional flea control service,as all your gardens, lawns,pet bedding,all floor surfaces inside the house have to be treated with two professional products,one is to kill the adult fleas and the other to stop the breeding cycle from egg to flea stage.Buying your own diy products is not advisable, as these products are far inferior to professional grade pest control products,also you will need a bulk tank with motor and hose reel, to spray out approx 100 litres of pesticide throughout your external property,so as you can see, how will you do that with a garden sprayer,our flea control services are also guaranteed so if the fleas come back, which is rare so will we for no charge to you.

  • Ensure lawns are mowed so solution can soak into soil where flea eggs are
  • Remove everything from under beds and base of wardrobes
  • Pick up all clothing/childrens toys off flooring
  • FAQ'S
  • Can we stay whilst service performed, no people and pets have to be away for four hours until spray is dry
  • Does the spray stain carpets flooring,no it doesnt
  • Can I mop after service,no not for four days,vacuum is ok
  • Is it safe for children/pets after it is dry,yes 100% safe
  • Can I turn my retic on,no not for two days after
  • Is there a guarantee, yes for three months

                                                            FULL COST FLEA CONTROL$240.00 GST INCLUDED

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