bee control

BEE CONTROL $198.00 gst incl

Bee control can be necessary when the queen flies into or around your property,as all the members of the hive which is often thousands in numbers will all definitely follow.

They can attach themselves to a branch on a tree in your yard or even your childs swing set,they often will all follow the Queen into a weep hole outside your house,setting up a bee hive within your wall cavity.

They come to and thro all day long bringing back pollen to feed the hive, and to produce the wax like hive which they lay their eggs into,the hive consists of thousands of encasements which harbour the bees young,  which they feed the pollen to and which hold the honey that we know.The majority of bees encountered in the Perth region are the Western Honey Bee which produce honey and are vital to the environment as they pollinate crops,there are thousands of breeds of bees worldwide.

A colony of bees consists of one queen,a few thousand drone bees which are fertile males and thousands of sterile worker females.The queen can decide to ferterlize a egg or not to ferterlized eggs produce females and unferterlized produce males.

Bees are necessary as wind is, to pollinate our food crops and give us honey, theyre detrimental to our survival.

Bees can become aggressive on a hot day and if one perceives you as a threat to the colony will deliver a painful sting,after which they die as part of their internals is attached to the barb which they inject into you,this can be dangerous as bees under threat will give off a pheromone, telling all bees in the vicinity to attack,alot of people are allergic to the toxin of a bee sting causing swelling and breathing difficultys as well as sometimes death.If you encounter a bee hive ring a professional to deal with the hive.

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